Global Threats

Evolve24’s Global Threats and Issues business unit provides insights, characterization and monitoring of relevant concerns including geopolitical trends, influential non-market forces, shifting market trends, as well as malevolent actors, impacting the global operations of events, companies, and organizations. GTI couples risk perception analysis with its capabilities in data, neuro, and behavioral sciences to identify the threat and issue, understand its nature, project likely outcomes, and recommend effective mitigations

Using automated analytical processing systems, and domain subject matter expertise GTI identifies, collects, and processes traditional, social media, and hidden service layer network information to discern the relevant aspects of both quick onset and slow onset threats and issues. GTI’s analytic capabilities perform topic discovery and extraction, measures volume and velocity around the issue, maps the influence and power networks in play but most importantly, GTI’s proven data science tradecraft identifies the underlying emotional drivers in play to enable an understanding of likely behaviors to enable effective mitigations. GTI, as needed, determines and effective indicators to enable timely warnings. GTI delivers these findings in spot, event, deep dive, and forecast reports as well as 24 by 7 access through our portal.

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