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Delivering Value Through Advanced Products and Expert Analytical Services

Whether you need full service support or are looking for an Analytics as a Service (AaaS) model, we can meet your needs.


Expert Analytical Services

For many organizations, incorporating analytics into strategy, marketing, or innovation decision making can be a daunting task. As such, we collaborate with our clients to understand the business problem and translate this into an appropriate data science question. This yields overall efficiency while enabling more effective synthesis of the data, a higher fidelity interpretation, and richer insight. With a powerful suite of proven analytical decision frameworks, we help ensure you are applying the appropriate analytical framework to the decision you are seeking to make.


A Real-Time Predictive Platform

Evolution, our fully integrated and turnkey platform and portal identifies signals, forecasts trends and monitors drivers.

Whether you are developing a strategic plan, a new market strategy, driving innovation or identifying external threats, Evolution enables you to make confident business decisions leveraging advanced analytics. Our integrated data-driven intelligence system provides you the power to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your actions.

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