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Evolution SaaS Offering Powers Smart Decisioning to Unlock Growth

Evolution, leverages AI/ML at scale to understand trends that will change and impact the business landscape.  It assists in quantifying the external market impacts to know which products consumers and societal influencers will accept or reject. Companies gain organizational agility with turnkey self-service data science analytics that are “in sync” with front-line decision-making processes creating the ability to focus allocation of resources on initiatives with high success profiles from a company and external perspective.


Expert Analytical Services

For many organizations, incorporating analytics into strategy, marketing, or innovation decision making can be a daunting task. As such, we collaborate with our clients to understand the business problem and translate this into an appropriate data science question. With a powerful suite of proven analytical decision frameworks, we help ensure you are applying the appropriate analytical framework to the decision you are seeking to make.


Software as a Service
Expert Analytical Services


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