Gain Context, Identify Emerging Opportunities, Prioritize With Emotion, and Make Decisions with Confidence

evolve24, a big data analytics and insights company, today announced the launch of its Evolution Platform. The Evolution Platform enables users to gain context on what matters most, understand how their company aligns, and derive actionable insight to improve corporate strategy, marketing programs and brand planning — all backed by actionable business intelligence.

Digital media data is an increasingly valuable source for consumer insight, especially as big data and the Internet of Things expands. As more and more data is collected on everything from consumer purchase patterns to unsolicited feedback across digital media channels, companies want to fully leverage the correlations within their data sets. The Evolution Platform meets these growth and intelligence challenges by collecting, analyzing and visualizing hundreds of millions of data points per day, primarily from unstructured sources like blogs, forums, review sites and social media.

“Big Data for Consumer Insight offers better, faster and more actionable insight into consumer wants and needs, which gives companies a competitive edge and the intelligence they need to forge more meaningful relationships with their customers,” said Karin Kane, Chief Customer Officer at evolve24. “It augments traditional surveys or focus groups, and accelerates decision cycles.”

evolve24’s sophisticated analytics, like Opinion, Reputation and Emotion, are predictors of consumer behavior and brand performance. The Evolution Platform uses these analytics to process all publicly available traditional and social media to inform corporate strategists on where to focus and how to achieve their goals.

The Evolution Platform is designed to help forward-thinking brands improve marketing ROI, manage business risk, understand influencer networks and make confident data-driven decisions.

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