Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who does business with evolve24?

Although we are headquartered in St. Louis, we are a global provider. Our clients range in size from global Fortune 50 firms to domestic B2C and B2B businesses. We provide solutions for clients across multiple industries and sectors within those industries. Clients in financial services, healthcare, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, hospitality, and automotive are just a few examples of the types of markets and clients for whom we serve.

2. Can I use your product online, through your website?

Our solution is fully cloud enabled. However, as part of initiating a product that is tailored to your unique needs, we will establish your own secure database. This process requires a modest implementation effort; therefore, we don’t allow for registration of our product as a self-service tool, directly from our website. We are working on future versions of our product that will allow for online registration, directly from our website along with a self-service solution.

3. How can I contact someone at evolve24 to discuss my needs?

Simply click here and fill out the submissions form. A representative from evolve24 will respond to you within 24 hours.

4. What is your Evolution product?

Our proprietary Evolution product is both a platform and portal that is fully integrated. Our platform is our extensive architecture, from our ability to ingest unstructured data, up through our infrastructure and cloud-based network configuration allowing you to perform real-time data analysis from any access point through the Internet. Our portal is configured by your various use cases and workflows. The portal is a set of turnkey and custom-developed dashboards that provide you advanced charting and visualization of our analytics.

5. Where does the data for the analysis come from?

We ingest up to 80 million data points per day, from the Internet and deep net. We harvest this data from multiple direct and indirect methods.

6. How do you know what data to target?

At the root of our business, we are data scientists. We employ Ph.D. level data scientists, informaticists, and analysts who live and breathe unstructured data, extracting intelligence through a combination of machine and human learning.

7. What sort of measurements or metrics can I see?

We prioritize the data models and narratives with you as part of our services. Once we understand the nuance of your questions, we apply data science and metrics to provide an analytical result. We consider our solution a “constellation of analytics” of both human and machine learned solutions, including turnkey algorithms like Emotion, Reputation, Trust as well as customizable solutions based on the event or topic being analyzed. In both cases, we will productize these metrics back through Evolution so that they become repeatable, valuable, and measurable metrics that help you make confident decisions.