evolve24 is a neuroscience-based, predictive analytics technology company. We transform unstructured data into actionable intelligence through data science services and an innovative and proprietary suite of advanced analytics to empower our partners to make strategic business decisions.

Our approach and methodology is rooted in data and behavioral science, delivered through our customizable, client tailored, software-as-a-service platform, Evolution.

We provide real-time lifecycle intelligence and emotional intelligence around global and regional market topics, industry topics, threats and issues, and your business brand.

Our content is your asset. evolve24 manages a comprehensive dataset, derived from social, online, and traditional media. With both native language and English translation in more than 50 languages, across more than 200 countries, we will integrate your internal data, with our external data, to improve planning, forecasting, and measuring business performance.

Since 2004 evolve24 has been offering the best combination of external and internal data analytics, and the most comprehensive solutions using turnkey technology and deep data science to companies around the world. We are constantly enhancing our technology to keep up with the high demands of today’s data-driven world.