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Quantifying Trend Lifecycle

Real-time Analytics Platform for Strategic Planning
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Real-time Analytics Platform for Innovation
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Strategic Decision Making
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Real-time Analytics Platform for Market Growth
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Real-time Analytics Platform for Risk Intelligence
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An advanced platform and methodology to harness predictive analytical capabilities

We serve businesses seeking to protect and grow market share in the face of disruptive external forces. Enabling your evolution from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our solution quantifies, tracks and evaluates over 10,000 trends in real-time so you can predict outcomes and business impact.

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De-risk Decision Making

Strategic Analysis

Digital Content Discovered Analysis

Cognitive Analytics

Neuroscience based algorithms that predict human behaviors and outcomes

Custom Predictive Analytics

Real-time Integrated Cloud Platform

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Our Vision and Who We Are


Founded in 2004, evolve24 is a leading real-time predictive analytics platform company that drives strategic decision making and enables development of strategies that help shape market environments. 

The organization sprang from the realization that company success did not depend solely on market forces and quality of a company's product or service but more so on external forces that affect the acceptance and adoption of a product and the company's freedom to operate. Founder, Tony Sardella, a toxicologist by training, found that no quantitative and scientifically based capabilities existed to help companies assess and prioritize the externalities affecting the market environment so that effective fact-based strategies could be developed. 

What started as a passion to bring fact-based, valid methods and frameworks to managing externalities and it's risks, has grown since 2004 to encompass a robust, real-time predictive analytics platform, harnessing all forms of digital data, with a suite of powerful analytical models deep-rooted in neuroscience.