Make Smarter Decisions that Unlock Growth

"Trend Lifecycle"
Understanding the Impact of Trends

Identify opportunites for use in Strategic Planning
Case Study: Predicting Trends

Innovation Services
Product and Business Innovation

Know which products customers will accept & adopt for Innovation
Case Study: Increasing Sales and Revenue

Strategic Decision Making
Allocating Capital

Allocate resources to trends that ensure Market Growth
Case Study: Growth Investment Decisions

Risk Intelligence
Identifying External Risks

Real-time Analytics Platform for Risk Intelligence
Case Study: Enhancing Enterprise Early Warning Capabilities

SMART DECISIONING - Data Science + Decision Science = Growth

Scanning the external environment to discover emerging and converging forces, forecasting their lifecycle, and recognizing their potential to disrupt your business.

Creating the ability to navigate and seize opportunities in rapidly changing business environments!


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Smart Decisioning

Strategic Analysis

We Live in a New Era

Smart Decisioning

Old Strategy vs New Decisioning

Cloud PLatform

Real-time Integrated Cloud Platform

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Our Vision and Who We Are


evolve24 believes STRATEGIC BUSINESS DECISIONS are best made by UNDERSTANDING THE EXTERNAL LANDSCAPE and its effect on product acceptance.

We are a SMART DECISIONING COMPANY that combines data science and decision sciences to give our customers FAST, FACT-BASED PREDICTION OF TRENDS so they can make better product and service strategy decisions.

We give customers the power to take control of their own future and CAPITALIZE ON CHANGE.

We enable customers to allocate resources to areas of GREATER RETURN AND GROWTH POTENTIAL.

We enable understanding of the UNDERLYING EMOTIONAL DRIVERS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR shaping societal and consumer trends.