Quantifying strategic decision making throughout the organization

Impactful Storytelling

Real-time Analytics Platform for Communications Planning and Public Relations
Case Study: Measuring Reputation

Effective Product and Market Navigation

Marketing and Data Analysis to Enhance Product Positioning
Case Study: Driving Growth

Planning and Developing Future Strategy

Lifecycle Intelligence to Propel Business Development and Company Innovation
Case Study: Disruption and Market Shifts

Advanced technology that puts turnkey and custom predictive analytics at your fingertips

We serve businesses struggling to make quantitative based decisions in the face of disruptive external forces. Our solutions provide real-time predictive analytics that reduces surprises and enables more confident business decisions.

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Digital Content Discovered Analysis

Neuroscience-driven Data Sciences

Real-time Integrated Cloud Platform

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Our Vision and Who We Are

Founded in 2004, evolve24 is a leading real-time predictive analytics platform company that drives strategic decision making and enables the shaping of external environments. The organization sprang from the realization that often the success of a company’s product did not depend only on facts but also on the public’s perception of the producer. Founder, Tony Sardella, a toxicologist by training, found that the importance of reputation needed to be balanced against scientific fact.

Despite the importance of reputation, Sardella found few products were focused on analyzing reputation risks. What started as a way to solve for a unique business problem has grown since 2004 to encompass a robust, real-time predictive analytics platform, harnessing all forms of digital data, with turnkey and customizable analytical models deep-rooted in neuroscience.