A Real-time Platform and Custom Tailored Portal

Evolution, our fully integrated and turnkey platform and portal. Stop chasing data and guessing, and start delivering value, today!

Our integrated data-driven intelligence system, the Evolution Platform, enables your team to make confident business decisions with advanced analytics.

Whether you are a c-suite executive looking for real-time intel or a brand manager wanting to grow your market share, the Evolution Platform enables you to transform mountains of digital data into deep insight to make confident business decisions.

Our Platform is Flexible to Fit Your Business

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely evaluated the effort (and cost) to develop a platform that can ingest unstructured data and make it operational. As you know, it’s complex (and costly!).

evolve24 has the experience, methodologies, processes, and platform to build large scale processing solutions, tailored to your unique needs, to discover critical decision intelligence. We have removed much of the barriers, costs, and complexities for you.

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